Questions from Helsinki

We have received an email with some questions from our friends from Helsinki

1.I want to know how long the breaks are at school times, and how long it takes to go to school and how you go to school? Hanna 12 years old

2.I would like to ask you how long is your school day? And what do you eat in school?  Another question I have is: where do you live and how big is your house? Julia 10 years old

3.I was wondering is the Picasso museum in Barcelona nice? In Finland we don´t really have any particularly nice museums, they are ok but not that special. And one more question how does the school system in Barcelona work? Do you think it is nice or is it a bit rubbish? Kaspar 12 years old

4.How long is your summer holiday? And when does it start? Nea 11years old

5.I would like to know what the temperature in Barcelona is and what you do when it is really hot. Also I would like to know what subjects you have at school.  PEKKO. I’m 10 years old


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