It ´s a pleasure to announce our next EXHIBITON ” OUR CITIES ”                             Barcelona Helsinki 2012

Everybody is welcome to enjoy our work!!

Planet Earth as a learning environment

Description of the workshop
Planet Earth as a learning environment
Creating, sharing and exploring city tour routes with pupils from Barcelona and Helsinki

In this activity pupils from Barcelona and Helsinki create their own city tour routes which can be shared virtually by everyone, and explored using smartphones or tablets, when visiting the city. Routes are created using Citynomadi-application. The application has already been used in the architectural education school Arkki in Helsinki and in other Finnish schools and has received very positive feedback.

participates in Finnish nationwide Systemic Learning Solutions-project in order to develop multiple ways of how application can be used in education.

This Activity forms part of OUR CITIES 2012 program , an international educational co-operation program, in which children from different parts of the world communicate with each other and exchange ideas related their hometown.


We are delight to announce that we have organice an special  workshop for  tomorrow BARCELONA ROUTE  Design by childrens

The CITY NOMADI COMPANY will provide us the support to create our own route in our computers, later we will able to downllad it form any mobile support!!

Our friends from ARKKI have already work with CITYNOMADI support creating an amassing project C MY CITY

“C” of “C my city!” comes from the concept’s initial capitals,
“Children Create City Culture”, and it also means “See”.

How do children and young people perceive our built environment?
The virtual architectural map allows children and youngsters to tell us about it.
“C my city!” presents the child’s and young person’s view of buildings and other features of the built environment that they consider important. “C my city!” also showcases children’s ideas about the cityscape of the future.
Children and youngsters tell us about their own home cities using words, pictures, animation and videos. “C my city!” encourages children to explore the built environment, to examine and learn and to communicate their observations to others. This project is produced by Arkki and Yutakana.

Thisis an educational program  running by Arquikids in collaboration with Tiina Mäkela, project researcher of University of Jyväskylä and her teamwork