Yesterday we have our last meeting with this amassing project OUR CITIES 2015 and as a tradition we run a nice exhibition in CASA ORLANDAI to show all our program and the results.

Althougt it was a rainny & windy day we have lot of fun and enjoy visiting  the exhibiton, We made a small THINK TANK with our thoughts & feelings about the whole program.

And other fantastic experience on Architecture Education run as part of a curriculum program in a school. Thanks a lot to this great & open school community BFIS for trusting ARQUIKIDS ones again,

Specially  Tiffany ,BFIS Art teacher  that is always open to new & creative ideas & James the Headmaster of Primary school & of course all the entusiasthic students that took part in the program.

Without all of you this project could n´t be done.


Foto 21-3-15 19 14 13   Foto 21-3-15 19 14 39


We made an excercice where we have to share our favourite building in our city Barcelona, here is the result!

SAGRADA FAMILIA is the most beautiful building according to the students, and then of course CAMP NOU 🙂



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