International Organization & Coordination

Arquikids S.L.U
Solange Espoille, architect, founder of Arquikids
Tiago Borges, architect,                                                                                                                       Francisco Spratley, architect
Tiffany Emerick,BFIS,Art Teacher
Primary Headmaster BFIS James Duval
Headmaster BFIS David Penberg

TOKYO 2011
Japan Team work
Takeshi Inaba, architect,
Delegate of UIA Architecture & Children Working Program.
Architect Toyoaki Ishiguro
Natsuko Nagasawa,Researcher in architecture

Phila Meskanen, architect, Director or ARKKI SCHOOL,Finland
Delegate of UIA Architecture & Children Working Program.                                               Jenny Suhonen,architect                                                                                                              Mari Jaakonaho,architect

Aznavuryan Nona,Director Start Arts School,Moscow,Rusia,
Delegate of UIA Architecture & Children Working Program.                                                       Safrazbekyan Tatiana, Arkadyeva Marina, Polukarova Irina,
Matveenko Alfiya, , Bochkareva Alla, Fedorova Irena
PROCES educational architecture,Belgrade
Biljana Brankovic, architect+educator+toy designer /
Bratislav Brankovic, architect+educator+toy designer /
Marija Petrovic Aleksic, teacher, Dragan Lukic primary school, Belgrade





One thought on “Team

  1. Dear Takeshi Inaba,
    I got your adress from Atsuko Sakai from USA and from Solange Espoille from Spain (Your exchange-project with Solange sounds very, very nice…).

    I’m also working in similar field in Germany (see and will visit Tokyo next week with my students of urbanism. Is there any change to take a fast look of your working field in Japan? Unfortunately I will stay only two days in Tokyo, because we cooperate with the University in Osaka and stay there a week, but at least we could have a cup of tee together… if it fits in your timetable.

    I arrive 28th of February in the morning > would it be possible to meet you in the afternoon at that day?

    The program on 1st of March is as follows:
    SITE VISIT Tôkyô – Central District, 09 – 20
    09:00 (4) Ôtemachi-Quarter: Tôkyô CBD redevelopment & open space re-design, Campus Building, Emperor’s Palace View, Marunouchi-Quarter: Tokyo Forum Building
    11:00 (B1) Akihabara: Campus Building Tsukuba University
    11:30 (B2) Yanaka Ginza & Asakura Chôso Museum: Break
    15:30 (5) Kyôjima: Site Visit and training, Dining
    20:30 (6) Ginza-Quarter Night Guidance (Sony Center, Branding Stores, Traditional Dept. Stores, Art Galleries, Faccades/Light Concepts)

    It is for sure possible, that I skip something, but because I have no idea, where to find you in Tokyo and no idea, where these projects are, it’s impossible for me to succest anything.

    2nd of March we already leave for Yokohama and Osaka.

    It would be nice to meet you, but because I’m so late to contact you, it might be impossible. Please, don’t take any stress for this!

    You can contact me in following address:
    or also call: Mobile: +49.176.23201206

    Greetings from Germany
    Päivi Kataikko

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